Cup of TE

The journey of the T U R Q U O I S E . B R A C E L E T


Four years ago a very dear friend of mine took me to visit his grandparents. We had just started college together up in the high country of Arizona, and the beautiful nest of liberal, creative, tolerance known as Flagstaff swept us up and made us feel like we were in the right place at the right time. Amidst the rugged geologists, hair-braided beauties, french roasted coffee and modern-day-adventurers, we found freedom and friendship in this mountain town.

Anyways, my friend and I, his name is Dlatan, bound by the obligations of financially supporting ourselves, left a day late to rendez-vous with our band of hooligans at one of their cabins a few hours outside of town. We would spend the weekend eating, drinking, laughing and living, but before we did so, we made a stop…

Daltan, asked, “I hope you don’t mind, I haven’t seen my grandparents in a while and if they knew I came through town without stopping by they would hate it.” Of course I didn’t mind, I love spontaneous adventures no matter the size.

We pulled up to Grandma & Grandpa’s cabin-like home and were instantly greeted with smiles and hugs… the warmth of family is something that you can never get enough of.

After meeting the folks and letting Daltan do some catching up, his grandma and I began a conversation that revealed our common love for turquoise. Her home was filled with the gem, from collected jewelery to handmade artwork. We instantly bonded. She took me from piece to piece and told me of the memories that came with each stone and how they’ve been a part of her life. She had been gathering pieces for over 30 years and was left with an impressive collection, a sort of turquoise tour of the Southwest.

Bracelts in college  (Photo Credit Rose Clements)

Bracelts in college (Photo Credit Rose Clements)

Finally when we got up to leave and say our goodbyes, Daltan’s grandma came over to me, gave me a hug and slipped something into my hand. When I looked down, I saw the swirl of greens and blues lined in silver resting in my palm. She had given me one of her bracelets and asked me to have it and love it as much as she did.

Bracelt at the bottom of the Grand Canyon  (Photo Credit Matt Beaty)

Bracelt at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (Photo Credit Matt Beaty)

I was nearly tearing as she smiled and watched me put the bracelet on. So much kindness and generosity from someone I just met. There is a unique kind of satisfaction that comes from sharing something special with someone else. Daltan’s grandmother and I spent an hour talking and enthusing over our unpredictable, common interest, but since she put the bracelet on my wrist 4-years-ago, I haven’t taken it off.

That piece of turquoise-kindness has gone with me all over the world. And now, as a recent college graduate, I am on to another chapter of my life and the bracelet is coming with me. Gratitude, generosity, and an eagerness to connect and share with people of all sorts propels me forward. From finding purpose, to finding a job, to figuring out where to go next I am reminded of Daltan’s grandmother and her humble eagerness for life.

Stay tuned for the journey of the turquoise bracelet…

From one story to the next,



3 responses to “Cup of TE

  1. What an inspiring story Talia! Thanks for taking us on this life-changing journey from your past. When you say ” There is a unique kind of satisfaction that comes from sharing something special with someone else. ” , i felt it to be a recognizable feeling, one I haven’t yet given deep thought to, so thank you for giving me something different to reflect on 🙂 There is truly an amazing feeling that emerges from sharing freshly acquired truths, moments, realizations, understandings…I almost see it as some sort of transfer of positive energy, but with complete disregard of the laws of nature, giving both parties a “gain” . Through this lens, our possibilities seem endless… Thanks again for stopping by and allowing this “exchange” to take place 🙂

    • Thank you you so much for your comment. The goal of any of my postings is not only to explore my own thought but to connect with others. It was so wonderful to see that you connected with this experience and how i processed it. I actually havet posted in a while and you reminded me of why i love blogging: Connectivity. Thank you for inspiring me… and sharing. Looking forward to following your blog.

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