Pasta and the Great Outdoors

SunsetBeing in the city for a few days made my return to natural life all the sweeter…

The Fog Begins to Settle

From The Golden Gate Bridge to the golden sunsets of Tahoe, I am constantly reminded of the beauty in this world. Sometimes we forget to notice and appreciate the simple things that get us through each day. This week I brought my Italian friends back to my home in Lake Tahoe, where we were greeted by fresh air, green mountains, my boyfriend Kyle & pup Nalah. The Italian visitors were instantly shocked by the beauty of this natural oasis and the extreme contrast to the city.

Yonder, MenIn the Eye of the BeholderWe spent 5 days showing our guests the treasures of Tahoe. A day of relaxing at Chimney Beach. An afternoon hike up Mt. Tallac. Bicycling through the town after breakfast… The list goes on. And not to mention the amazing Italian dishes our guests prepared for us! (A beautiful contrast from the mere granola and carrots that currently filled the fridge)

Sometimes it takes leaving your life to realize how good it is. The city reminded me to appreciate the pace that surrounds the lake, the sweetness in the air and how lucky I am to be where I am.


That is what I took from the city and even more so from my return to Tahoe and the people I love.

Love on the Mountian

Hope you enjoyed your Cup of TE,

Until next time!



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