Roman Holiday: San Francisco Edition

San Fran Wandering

One of the greatest opportunities that the world can offer is travel… I have been lucky enough to do some global exploring, and consequently, I have met some of the most wonderful people who regrettably live hundreds of thousands of miles away from me.

IMG_9525When I was living in France, I met one of the most amazing women. She is Italian. Full of life. Loud. Beautiful. Always cooking. And now a life long friend. Her name is Giulia, and even though we are separated by seas and time differences, we still manage to remain as close as ever.

One of the Original Flower ChilderenThis week, she found me! She and her boyfriend are classically taking the scenic route along the coast of California for their month-long, U.S. road trip. Overwhelmed to be on the same continent again, I met my dear friend in San Francisco for some big-city-adventures.

Take a P E E K…

From Fisherman’s Wharf to Haight & Ashbury, we took the city by storm. Delicious Italian dinners finished with espresso and panna cotta, walks through the streets of vintage finds and forgotten movements, San Francisco is a city filled with life moving swiftly and boldly.  A man-made metropolis rebuilt with bricks sealed together by thematic gentrification.

The trip was amazing. The food was delicious. And the reuniting of a friendship has never felt so good.

Until next time!



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