Let’s Talk Fridays

You know that feeling of accomplishment when you get more done before noon than most people get done all day? …me neither. Not usually. That is part of the glamorous life of a college student, now recent graduate, currently job hunting and free to drink coffee until the late hours of the night. However, on this particular day, motivation found me and I welcomed her with open arms.

By 10 o’clock I had already finished one cappuccino, half of an everything bagel, called 3 of the companies I recently applied to, interviewed with a local production company and begun the sunshine-caffeinebuzz-feelingaccomplished start to my Friday.

Friday is usually the destination. The glowing light at the end of the weekday tunnel. The silver lining to the 9 to 5 shift. The rock-n-roll segment of NPR. And it’s true. Friday is glorious with all of the weekend’s promise still ahead. Most people are caught up in this premeditative mindset and casually drift through the Friday hours.

But not me. Not today. And to be honest, the productivity feels good. Neigh, it feels great! By noon I was sitting on the weathered wooden dock behind my house, sipping leisurely on my second cappuccino and reading the eloquently insightful “Looking for Hemingway” by Gay Talese (a personal idol of mine and literary genius).

As I watched Nalah fetch sticks I threw for her in the lake and felt the wind from Yosemite dancing through my hair, I felt the overwhelming payback of early morning productivity. “Why don’t I do this everyday?” I found myself thinking. But you know, sometimes the pressure of a loaded to-do list can make you want to stay in bed those extra 5 minutes. And before you know, you’ve snoozed 6 times. The sound of the alarm clock going off molds into a sort or soporific melody that has cooed you to sleep for an two extra hours.

Here’s my advice. Let go of the expectations. The need to please an imaginary reprimander. You are your most valued opinion. And you can accomplish anything once you get started.

Well, I’m off for weekend explorations and adventures!

Until next time, the bracelet and I are out to seize the day!


One response to “Let’s Talk Fridays

  1. Yes! Something the hubby has “drilled” into my stubborn brain when I used to cry out “I should…but..but….I really don’t want to!!” . He would respond “So don’t!” Simple wisdom. As you say, we need to stop needing to please our “imaginary reprimander” . We often don’t realize that, by expecting so much of oneself, we actually make ourself accomplish less than by expecting nothing at all…
    Thanks for the reminder!

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