Road Trips, Ramblings & Lakeviews


I’m form Arizona. I can’t help that I love cowboy hats.

Exactly one week ago today I loaded everything I own into my turquoise (no joke) Hyundai Santa Fe and set out from Phoenix, Arizona for California. I just finished working for an art gallery and an independent video producer down in The Valley, and the next step of my journey was meeting my boyfriend and our pup in South Lake Tahoe. So, I loaded the car, poured a jar of iced tea and plugged in the ipod.

Between the beats of the most recent Vampire Weekend album, the classic hits of Fleetwood Mac and the brooding brilliance of Modest Mouse, I saw the more barren ends of West. Form cotton to citrus, the agricultural fields that line the strand of freeway from Phoenix to Northern California seemed to prepare me for my transition from the pastΒ  2 months of city life back to nature.


Lots of time to think. Lots of time to listen. And lots of time to get excited about where this next adventure would take me.


I drove the first 6 hours and spent the night in L.A. with a family friend. The next day I made a quick detour to the small city of Clovis to give one final farewell to my friend Monique who was leaving to spend a year studying in France! L’adventure c’est la vie! We grabbed a quick lunch, gave a quick bisou and smiled through our see ya’ laters.

Eight hours later, I made it to South Lake Tahoe. The air was crisp, the night was cool and I was filled with excitement.Nalah and Kyle were waiting for me.Β  I’ll leave the rest of the gaps unfilled, but the reunion was magnificent and the scenery was nothing short of breathtaking.

Stay tuned for what the bracelet and I discover here in South Lake!







7 responses to “Road Trips, Ramblings & Lakeviews

    • Thanks so much! I couldn’t agree more: road trips are amazing but once you arrive you appreciate where you are even more πŸ™‚ I look forward to following your posts as well!

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